How do I attach my Doople Bag to my leash?


It is very simple! When you look at the front of your Doople Bag you'll see a big plastic grommet. the leash runs through this with the snap hanging toward your dog. The Doople Bag is secured onto the handle of your leash by unfastening the two hook and loop tabs, then place them through your leash handle--one tab on each side of the handle--then press the hook and loop back together. If done correctly, the Doople Bag should now be suspended on the bottom half of your leash handle, allowing you to hold your leash at the top. For a retractable leash, simply place the tabs around the hard handle and feed the snap end of your leash through the front grommet.

How do I care for my Doople Bag?

Easily unzips and lays flat to dry.

We have made Doople Bag out of washable components and a simple hand washing or machine wash on delicate will keep it looking fresh. To dry, simply hang or unzip and lay flat and let air dry.

Is this a poop purse?!

Our spokes dog, Pippa.

If that's what you want to call it, sure. However, just as the plastic bag you use to carry your dog's waste has multiple functions beyond carrying dog poo, so does Doople Bag. In fact, we've had hikers, snowshoers and even make-up artists purchase Doople Bag for unique purposes. Additionally, some dog owners use their bag for their supplies, yet still carry their bag of poo separately. We simply created it, you use it any way you wish!

Is this a woman's thing?


Good grief, no! We have had many men purchase and use Doople Bag--and they use it without any regard to it being "girly".  If they find it too unmanly,  we must wonder how's carrying that bag of poop working for you? Just saying.

What's your warranty?


We craft each bag with the utmost care and attention, but occasionally something happens. If your bag has a construction flaw, contact us and arrange for a replacement. If your bag suffers normal wear and tear after use, we have a reduce replacement cost program. Simply send your used bag back to us--we like to study them for opportunity for improvement--and we will supply you a fresh Doople Bag with a $5 discount. (More about this on our Etsy purchase site).

Tell me again, where do I buy a Doople Bag?


Visit our Etsy site and get your Doople Bag today!