​Doople Pet Products...truly a family business!

Doople Pet Products started with one woman and one idea. Even though Doople Pet Products is a sole-proprietorship, it is far from a solo venture! From concept, to prototype, to testing, to marketing, manufacturing and distribution, that idea, Doople Bag, was nurtured by family until it grew into its own.

Always behind the camera lens.

Christine, Owner Extraordinaire

​​Christine, Owner

Christine is the alpha female in Doople Pet Products' pack. However powerful that sounds, she spends the majority of her time playing ball, cooking doggy treats, playing ball, cleaning up dog hair, playing ball, taking walks, playing ball, abandoning her own tasks to meet Pippa's needs--playing ball! The duties are many, the hours long, but the pay is incredible...she receives wet-nose kisses, puppy snuggles, and a companion who thinks she is the greatest being on the planet!

Between "doggy custodian" duties, Christine manages all aspects of Doople Pet Products. In addition, she is a mom to two young-adult human children, wife, blogger, and pursuer of varied personal and business interests, including writing, cooking, entertaining and interior design. Hers is a busy, but satisfying life!


Pippa, The Real Boss

Pippa is the face of Doople Bag & Doople Pet Products! She is a wonderful, young, energetic pure-bread Border Collie that we were blessed to rescue. We found Pippa through one of the Border Collie rescue groups we follow on Facebook who had shared a post from Catkins Animal Rescue in northern Wisconsin. A couple long conversations and a plan for raising a puppy ensued, followed by approval of our application and the picking up of our new little bundle of energy! Pippa has been with us since November 2015 and has already brought so much joy into our lives. As she grows and learns, she will become Doople Bag's new ambassador and we hope to be out and about and meeting so many of you in the near future! Pippa also has her own Facebook page at GrowingUpPippa and Wordpress blog at www.growinguppippa.com. We'd love you to follow along with her tales of growing up!

FAQ'S (and answers!)

You need something?

About Doople Bag ​

Dog owners have become so accustomed to carrying around bags full of offensive dog poo, this whole CONVENIENT, STYLISH and DIGNIFIED method of walking and cleaning up after your dog may raise some questions. We're here to help you navigate your way from the old, degrading and inane into the new, hip, and logical! ​We've anticipated some of your questions and provided answers below, but welcome any other questions you may have.

Q: Does Doople Bag require a special leash?

No! Doople Bags attach to any type of leash with a looped handle, including retractable leashes with a looped handle. As long as one end of the leash can fit through the 1 5/8" grommet opening, it's a go! In case your leash won't work, we also offer an optional cross-body strap!

Q: What is Doople Bag made of?

We use high-quality, nylon fabric for the inner and outer shell, with a light layer of padding fused between the nylon for structure and stability; stretch bias tape trim; a #4.5 zipper; high-strength plastic hook and D-ring, as well as grommets; and polyester mesh for outer pockets and Velcro for closures.

Q: Is Doople Bag waterproof?

While the nylon is water resistant, the bag itself has seams and a zipper, therefore the bag may get wet, but does not retain water long. 

Q: Does Doople Bag keep the odor in?

Doople Bag is not a self-contained system, so some odor may escape. For better odor control, you could drop an air freshener inside the inner compartment or use scented pick-up bags. We have found higher quality bags factor into odor control. Thanks to user feedback, we are investigating methods of reducing odor, while maintaining the easy-to-use open top design of Doople Bag. (And a little self-disclosure here: with the flushable bags I use, I often forget I've got a full load until the next time I go to drop a bag inside!)

Q: How do I clean and maintain my Doople Bag?

Doople Bag can be sponge-cleaned, hand-washed, or machine washed on delicate cycle, in warm water and mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry, do not machine dry.

Q: Where is Doople Bag made?

Doople Bags are PROUDLY made in the USA!

Q: What can I carry in a Doople Bag?

The beauty of Doople Bag is its flexibility! While the main, inner compartment is for discretely carrying full waste bags, the outer pockets can be used to carry a cell phone (one of the primary reasons Doople Bag was created!), an iPod, dog treats, a flexible flyer or collapsible water bowl, a water bottle, keys, wallet, money for a treat, empty waste bags, sunglasses, emergency medications, i.d., a snack, an umbrella, a dog whistle...You get the idea, right? It's YOUR Doople Bag, we say Doople any way you want!  Oh yeah, we forgot...the outer hooks are designed to carry a waste bag dispenser, keys, or any other item you can hang on a hook.

Q: Is Doople Bag patented?

Yes! It was an arduous journey, but Doople Bag was issued a US Utility Patent.




We proudly hand-craft each Doople Bag here in the USA and we make them to last! However, we certainly do not know what abuses your Doople Bag may endure--ours get dragged, left full of dog waste and cheesy treats, and dropped, so we can assume yours may go through similar. That being said, IF your bag fails, please reach out to us. If it's a manufacturing or quality issue, we will take care of replacing or repairing it. However, if your bag simply gets worn and haggard looking, we will offer you 50% off the purchase of a new Doople Bag, IF you return the old one to us...we love the opportunity to learn from them so we can improve the next generation of Doople Bag!


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