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Doople Bag holds all the necessities for walking (and cleaning up after) your dog!

What in the World is a Doople Bag?

It's the must-have accessory for walking your dog! You know how you do your duty as a dog owner and pick up after doggo? Well, kudos for that!! But, why should your duty include  the embarrassment of carrying doggo's doody in a poop bag? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO...

DOOPLE BAG was created to attach to your doggo's leash--or our optional cross-body strap--before you head out on your walk. (See how-to videos below).The bag has exterior pockets for carrying your belongings--keys, water bottle, hand sanitizer, waste bags, treats or whatever you and doggo need on an outing. The BEST PART is the central pocket of DB is designed for you to drop your full waste bag inside and DISCRETELY transport that waste to an appropriate receptacle. Once you're ready to dump the goods, you can simply grab the bag OR utilize the special Zip 'n Tip feature.

DB is lightweight, easy-to-use, and machine washable. While it won't eliminate the smell, it does help reduce it, but what it does eliminate is the STIGMA of being seen walking around with a bag of dog poop! 

Come on you want to be seen as your dog's master or is it the other way around?  

DOOPLE BAG can help you reclaim your dignity!


Doople Story

The Doople Bag Story disclaimer:  The Doople Bag story is one about picking up dog poop. You've been warned.

I have been a dog owner my entire life. Several years ago our family moved from a rural setting to a suburban one and I was introduced to the task of walking dogs on leashes and picking up after them. While I was accustomed to using a "pooper scooper" in the yard, it took some adjustment getting used to using my bag-covered hand to grab the goods while out on our walks.

For about fifteen years, I was "owned" by two beautiful, intelligent Border Collies. Daily activities included one or more walks; sometimes those walks resulted in many piles of dog waste to be picked up and carried home for disposal.

Trying to manage two dogs, two leashes and multiple bags of doo, while negotiating other walkers, dogs, and stopping to pick up new piles often resulted in unpleasant outcomes. There were many days I returned home retching from the smell and disgusted that I was literally carrying this crap!

Finding a way to clean up and carry dog waste became a personal mission!

I tried all sorts of things: tying the bags to the leash, hooking full bags onto a carabiner suspended from the leash handle and even carrying along a little nylon bag, like a purse for poop. I realize fanny pack and body purse sorts of things are available, but I just cannot bring myself to place warm feces in a bag that touches my body. Just saying.

I was determined to find an intelligent, attractive and viable solution!!

A couple years and many attempts later, I developed the Doople Bag. It's what every leash-walking dog owner wants and needs--even if they don't yet know it!

Doople Bag is an easy to use leash bag. It is stylish, convenient, sanitary and dignified. Most importantly, it allows for a more enjoyable outing for you and your pet!

Get your Doople Bag today and you will never go back to schlepping nasty plastic bags full of dog waste for the world to see!



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We want you to be completely satisfied with our products, which is why we have a great returns policy when things don't work out! (See details under Info You Need).

How to attach and use Doople Bag

A little demo on how to use your Doople Bag. 

Attaching the Cross-body strap

Attaching the optional cross-body strap to Doople Bag

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